You asked, we answered. Here are the answers to what you most want to know about Quasar.

What is the difference between Quasar’s Pure Rayz, Quasar Bio-Tech and MD devices?

All three devices have the same four wave lengths, light output and treatment.  The Pure Rayz (insert image) is made out of plastic and has a limited five-year warranty. The Quasar Bio-Tech and MD are Quasar premium devices (insert images) made out of aluminum and have lifetime warranties. The MD has a larger head than the Quasar Bio-Tech so you can treat a larger area and cut down on your overall treatment time.

What is the difference between the Clear Rayz, Baby Blue and MD Blue?

Clear Rayz is for active inflammatory acne. The device kills bacteria, reduces inflammation and heals breakouts.  Baby Blue and MD Blue kill bacteria and prevent breakouts.

What is the difference between the original devices and Plus devices?

Plus devices are 25 percent stronger than the original devices.

Why do you have to move the device instead of leaving it in one spot?

By moving the device, you ensure that the different wavelengths cover all areas of your skin.

I get Botox or fillers. Can I use the device?  Will it melt my fillers?

After injections including Botox or fillers, you should wait two weeks before treating the same area with a Quasar device. This will give the injection or filler time to settle. After two weeks, you may resume treatments in the area you received the injection or filler. The devices will not break down or melt your fillers.

Will it harm my eyes? Can I go directly over my eyes with the device?

The light is very bright and can cause discomfort if you look at it directly. There aren’t any clinical studies to support that the devices will harm your eyes, however, keep your eyes closed when treating around your eyes and do not move the device directly over your eyelids. We include a complimentary pair of goggles with each device for your comfort.

How many areas should I treat?

You should treat any areas where you have fine lines or wrinkles. It is up to you to choose the areas you would like to treat. On page four of your user manual, there’s a diagram showing the areas of concern for most people. Treat each area for three minutes. You may treat up to five times per week for the first eight weeks to restore collagen.  Start with clean dry skin and always move the device in a slow circular or back-and-forth motion within the area you are treating. After eight weeks, you can do maintenance treatments weekly or monthly depending on your skin’s condition.

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Can I use the device every day?

More is not necessarily better with light therapy. Your use should be determined by your skin. For some people, using the Quasar one or two days per week will produce the desired result. For others, a full five days of treatment per week will produce the best results. If you overuse the device, you will have red dry skin and it could lessen the effectiveness of your treatments.

My skin is red and dry. Why?

If you are using the device five times a week and your skin is red or excessively dry, you may have sensitive skin. Lessen your treatments to two-to-three times per week and make sure you’re using a good moisturizer after treatments.

Can I use topical products before Quasar treatments?

Quasar devices should be used on clean dry skin. If you choose to use an anti-aging serum or gel, apply and let the serum or gel completely emulsify (dry) before starting treatments with the device. Always perform a test on the inside of your arm before you apply products or light to your face. Do not use any creams or lotions before treatments. Creams and lotions are heavy and greasy and can cause a barrier between the skin and light penetration.

Can I use the device in another country?

All devices come with an 110v to 240v power supply adequate for the United Kingdom as well as international use.  Orders placed with a delivery address within Europe but outside the UK & Ireland will be supplied with a two pin European adaptor automatically.

What is the treatment for the Clear Rayz?

Here’s the recommended Clear Rayz regimen for the first four weeks:

Day 1 – Treat with blue light

Day 2 – Treat with blue light

Day 3 – No treatment

Day 4 – Treat with red light

Day 5 – Treat with red light

Day 6 – No treatment

Day 7 – No treatment


Treat areas where you have acne or are prone to getting acne on clean dry skin.


After 4 weeks, treat once per week with the red side of the device and once per week with the blue side of the device.


Note:  Your skin may get worse before it gets better. Continue to do treatments consistently.


Can I use red and blue light in the same day?

Do not treat with red and blue light in the same day. Red light is a vasodilator and blue is a vaso-constrictor. If you use them in the same day, they will essentially cancel each other out. Use red and blue light on alternating days.

What is the difference between Clear Rayz and Baby Blue?

Clear Rayz has red light on one side of the device for inflammation and healing and blue light on the other side of the device to kill the p bacteria on the surface of the skin and in the pore. It is for inflammatory acne (redness, inflammation and pustules). Baby Blue only has blue light to kill the p bacteria on the surface of the skin and in the pore. The Baby Blue is for small blemishes and preventing the acne from coming back.

What is your return and warranty policy?

We have a 90-day return policy. We want you to use the devices you’ve purchased and see results. If you have any questions or concerns during that time, please call and speak with our skin care specialists. The Pure Rayz and Clear Rayz devices have five-year warranties and the Quasar Bio-Tech, Baby Blue, MD and MD Blue are premium devices and come with lifetime warranties. We will repair or replace the device free of charge.