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Red light therapy rebuilds collagen to remove wrinkles.

Red light therapy builds collagen/elastin to reduce wrinkles

  • Includes:
  • Red, amber, and infrared wavelengths
  • High quality anodized aluminum
  • Dermatologist recommended
  • Lifetime “No Questions” warranty
  • 90-day “Money Back” guarantee.

Best Handheld LED Device” 2016

-Dermascope Magazine, Aesthetician’s Choice Award


As we age, the body reduces its production of collagen and elastin, the key building blocks of healthy skin. Medical science has found when light-red, dark-red, and amber combined with infrared light is applied to affected skin, the results include the production of new collagen and elastin.

NASA studies have determined that red and infrared light therapy accelerates the growth of healthy skin cells by 150-200 percent, causing rapid improvement in the appearance and health of the affected areas. Red light treatment is completely safe and has no reported side effects. *NASA Light-Emitting Diode Technology Brings Relief In Clinical Trials.



Both the Quasar MD PLUS and Baby Quasar PLUS are far more powerful than others tools on the market. The Baby Quasar PLUS has a treatment head measuring 1.44 inches in diameter. The Quasar MD PLUS has a treatment head measuring 1.94 inches in diameter. The Baby Quasar PLUS uses 3mm LEDs whereas the Quasar MD PLUS uses 5mm LEDs. The larger Quasar MD PLUS means quicker total treatment time.



  • 4x More powerful than our closest competitor
  • Includes red, amber, and infrared wavelengths
  • High quality anodized aluminum
  • Dermatologist recommended
  • Lifetime “No Questions” warranty
  • 90-day money back guarantee


At 44 I was experiencing fine to moderate lines,loss of firmness and generally dull looking skin. With my baby quasar plus my lines have decreased noticeably and my skin looks much more radiant. People are constantly surprised when I (proudly) tell them my age. I love that it is a non invasive way to keep me looking my best. Thank you baby quasar plus for giving me a quick, effective tool to add to my arsenal.

By Laura on 2013 09 27
Rating: 54321

I live in Australia and recently I ordered the baby quasar plus. Firstly, I would like to mention the outstanding customer service that I received from Angie - she was very helpful, professional and polite. I was impressed and pleased on how quickly the package arrived in Australia (it took less than a week). It is exceptional customer service like this that makes people continue to return! I have used the baby quasar for three days and I am pleased to say that I am already noticing a difference to my skin - it feels firmer and less oily. I would be most interested in getting the baby blue at some stage and alternating it with the red light. I will certainly recommend this product to all of my friends. Thanks again Angie, it was a pleasure dealing with you!! From one very satisfied customer! smile

By Brittany on 2014 01 09
Rating: 54321

After using this tool for a month, I can honestly say that it has had a SIGNIFICANT impact on my skin’s appearance. (And trust me, I wouldn’t come here and lead people astray because it’s Lent and I already burden my priest with way too many sins as it is.)

I did A TON of research on LED therapy for wrinkles before spending this much money on a product – the research is out there for those who are skeptical about whether this tool will work. Just know that it takes TIME and you have to use it as directed. At first I thought there was no way I was going to have the patience to use it on each section of my face several times a week, but after using it a couple of times while watching in the mirror, I can now use it while I’m watching TV (close your eyes when you’re using it around the eye, though) or kicking back listening to music or something.

For me, it only took three uses before my skin started looking radiant. The instruction manual recommends using it one or two times a week for the first eight weeks, but it also says the FDA has cleared it for use for up to five times a week, provided you don’t experience any dryness. I never experienced dryness, so I’m using it four times a week, every other day.

By the end of the first week, several coworkers had asked me if I had gotten a facial or was using some kind of new skin product. Now, after a month, I can definitely see softening of my crow’s feet and wrinkles across my forehead. I’m 43 and my skin looks better than it did when I was in my 30s. Those same coworkers who complimented me after one week are now planning on spending their tax refunds on this thing (LOL).

NOTE: This Baby isn’t a miracle worker. You’re not going to see results if you don’t use it consistently and accurately, and you HAVE to back it up with a good skincare regimen – sunscreen; products rich in antioxidants; a serum or cream with peptides, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, ceramides, a retinol at night; etc. All these things will work together to produce amazing skin, and Baby Quasar is like amping up the power of your skincare routine x 1000. I use mine in the morning – cleanse skin, tone, apply an antioxidant serum, use BabyQuasar while I’m listening to the news and drinking coffee, then an anti-aging cream with sunscreen. (CeraVe and Olay Regenerist are two awesome ones.)

Sorry if I sound like a skincare fanatic. I’ve worked for one of the most prestigious spa resorts in the country for years and I’m passionate about using science-based beauty products and urging other women to do the same! Forget the marketing, forget the too-good-to-be-true promises on beautiful packaging, forget celebrities telling you how fabulous something is — just do the research! You’ll love this thing, I promise. If not, you can track me down and beat me with it! :D

Dang - long review! Sorry ‘bout that! I guess I love this thing so much I could write a book about it. Definitely worth the investment!—Erinn

By Anonymous on 2014 04 24
Rating: 54321

I just received my baby quasar plus this morning. I didn’t know when I used it that it would me with my rosacea. WOW after the first use my redness was so slight !!! My skin has never felt so soft and looked so healthy !! I can’t wait to use it for the second time because of I saw just from the first time. I didn’t think I would want to stick with using something like this but I definitely will. When I realized the product was made here in our USofA - it made the product even better !!!

By Debbie on 2015 01 30
Rating: 54321