What Customers Say

Quasar Bio-Tech’s premium products get results, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our biggest fans have to say about their Quasar Bio-Tech experiences.

I was experiencing fine to moderate lines, loss of firmness and generally dull looking skin. With my Baby Quasar Plus my lines have decreased noticeably and my skin looks much more radiant. People are constantly surprised when I (proudly) tell them my age. I love that it is a non invasive way to keep me looking my best.  Thank you Baby Quasar Plus for giving me a quick, effective tool to add to my arsenal.”
– Laura

So happy my mom surprised me with my Baby Quasar Plus. It’s so easy to use, I usually do my treatments in front of the TV in the evening. After 8 weeks, I could see a big difference in my skin. It looks more clear and refreshed and my creases around my eyes have softened dramatically. I am afraid of Botox and this little gadget has given me a wonderful and less expensive option. I love that it has a lifetime warranty and awesome customer service.”
– Nicki

I have hormonal acne and though I only get 1 or 2 blemishes a month, they would last 1-2 weeks. Now when I feel a blemish flare up, I simply use my Clear Rayz for one week…blue then red and it literally zaps my acne. My skin clears up within a day or two of treatment and there’s no scarring. As my period approaches, I start using it. The blue light kills the bacteria and then the red light treats the inflamed area of my skin. It’s super quick and easy to use.”
– Reviewer from Cornelius, North Carolina

I have suffered with acne for over 20 years and tried all the latest and greatest acne products available, but none of them have beat the horrible cycle of acne. With Clear Rayz™ I feel like I have made a break-through. I can see continued progress in the reduction of acne lesions.”
– Elisabeth, Age 34

I had low expectations but thought I’d purchase this Baby Quasar Baby Blue for my daughter who has been dealing with acne for the past year. I thought the Baby Quasar was worth a try but honestly had low expectations since nothing has helped thus far. Well…we have done 3 treatments on her in 3 days and her skin is dramatically clearer – I would say probably 75% improved and each treatment brings more results. Because of these results and the difficulties my daughter has experienced (emotionally most significantly) from her acne vthat has finally responded to a treatment I felt compelled to write a review (something I never do). I highly recommend the Baby Quasar Blue.”
– Lindy

Red light increases circulation and decreases inflammation therefore enhancing healing and blue light is effective at killing bacteria that causes acne. Clear Rayz is a natural light acne treatment that reduces the risks commonly associated with traditional topical and oral acne treatments.”
– Dermatologist Dr. Morgan O’Donoghue

As a celebrity makeup artist/aesthetician, it is important for me to look my best when meeting with clients. When I look and feel good about myself, my confidence shines through! At 43, my clients are always asking me what I am doing to keep my skin wrinkle-free and youthful. My answer is always, my Quasar. I LOVE IT!”
– Celebrity Makeup Artist Maria Maio

Thank you so much for your professional and insightful advice. I have made a very informed decision – the Quasar Bio-Tech PLUS is the one for me!! The Very BEST customer service ever! I have recommended the Quasar website to my sister and best friends, and they all express keen interest in purchasing one for themselves.”
– Wendy L.

I developed adult acne and was breaking out with several cystic lesions a month around my chin. After one week of using both lights (alternate days), I only developed a few minor pimples. They never got swollen or red and treatment with the blue light healed them by the next day. I have developed 0 new pimples in the last 3 weeks, in spite of oral antibiotics to control the acne. My skin is smooth and perfectly balanced, not oily and not dry. I wear only sun screen on my face now as foundation of any kind is unnecessary.”
– Kristine M.

My wife has been using the Quasar on her face at home four times in the last seven days. She is starting to get comments on how young she is looking. Today she went to the dentist and the receptionist said she thinks they transposed the numbers on her birth date. She was born in 1968, and my wife told her that’s the right date. The receptionist said, ‘Really? I thought you were a teenager.”
– Shawn J.